Beef Cubed Steak and Peppers

Beef Cubed Steak and Peppers (Serves 1)

My wife bought a pack of Beef Cubed Steak and there was one left when she went out of town for a few days. I just bought a new grill pan and decided that the cubed steak was a perfect first meal to try it. I had some sliced bell pepper and a pack of sweet peppers that I wanted to try.

In preparation:

Salt and pepper the cubed steak to taste on both sides
Slice a medium sized bell pepper and a few sweet peppers into manageable chunks


Lay the steak on the grill pan with the heat on high and let it fry for a couple minutes.
Lay the sliced peppers around the meat and salt to taste.
Turn the meat and let it fry on the other side for a couple of minutes.

Transfer to a plate and eat!

Notes: I liked this meal so much, I ate it three days in a row. The meat is a little tough, so you need a knife, but the taste is great. I like Orange Bell Pepper grilled better than Green, but its all good.

I really like being able to get from prep to eating in 10 minutes.

One night I tried Tandoori Spice instead of salt and pepper and did not like it is as much, but it was a fun variation.


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