Everything Stew

Everything Stew (Serves eight)

I cook with whatever is in the refrigerator. One recent creation tasted so good my wife said, “You have to share this one.” My wife had a colonoscopy that morning and had eaten only Gatorade and Jell-O the previous day. Any real food had to taste wonderful after that, but I liked it myself and I’ve been eating good steadily. So here’s my September 30, 2010 edition of Everything Stew.

Ingredient list:

One pound of boneless pork chops
One pound of beef for stew
32-ounces of chicken broth (Imagine Organic was the first I found with no added sugar)
28-ounces of fire roasted diced tomatoes (canned)
One sweet yellow onion
Half a pound of parsnips
Half a pound of asparagus
Quarter of a pound of cauliflower florets
Quarter of a pound of broccoli florets
Quarter of a pound of baby carrots
Quarter of a pound of squash
6 cloves of garlic
Extra virgin olive oil
Crushed red pepper flakes
Dried rosemary

In preparation:

Cut beef and pork into bite-sized cubes
Peel parsnips and slice into bite-sized pieces
Chop the woody end off asparagus spears and slice into bite-sized pieces
Chop onion, slice squash, cut carrots, cauliflower, and broccoli into bite-sized pieces


Heat 3-4 tablespoons of olive oil over medium heat in a stew pot. Add all vegetables and meat. Pour in all chicken broth. Add spices to taste. Even though the chicken broth is flavored, I add a lot of salt, a lot of rosemary, and a lot of crushed red pepper. I like garlic, so I add 6 cloves. On the Food Network, everyone seems to chop or crush fresh garlic, but I have a Zyliss garlic press from years ago that I like to use. Once everything is in the pot, let it stew covered for about an hour on low heat.

Serve over a bed of fresh baby spinach. Honestly, the spinach doesn’t bring out anything special in the Everything Stew, but getting in an extra serving of fresh greens is always a good idea.

Let me confess. I added the cauliflower and carrots because I needed to use up what I had. I added the broccoli because I wanted more green. I added both pork and beef because I was including a lot of vegetables. But I liked it and will do it again on purpose.

One reason to eat is to get good stuff inside your body. Everything Stew is a lot of good stuff!


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