Jack Mackerel with Tomatoes and Olives

Jack Mackerel with Tomatoes and Olives (Serves 2-4)

There was no fresh protein left in my refrigerator and I was hungry. I made do with canned fish and the result was pretty good, although not as good as my fresh Stewed Tilapia. And it was relatively cheap.

Ingredient list:

One 15-ounce can of Jack Mackerel in tomato sauce
One can of green olives (look for olives packed in water and salt and nothing else)
One can of mushrooms (stems and pieces)
One half of a sweet yellow onion
Five roma tomatoes
Extra virgin olive oil
Crushed red pepper flakes
Garlic powder
Black pepper

In preparation:

Chop onion and tomatoes into bite-sized pieces
Drain mushrooms


Set heat to medium high. Coat the bottom of a pan with EVOO.  Add onions and saute with a little salt, pepper, and garlic powder. Add mackerel with all contents of the can. Add green olives with all the water in the can. Add drained mushrooms and tomatoes. Add red pepper flakes and black pepper to taste. Cover the pan and let the mixture cook over low heat for 20-30 minutes.

Notes: Jack Mackerel is an oily, “heavy” fish. Serving over a bed of fresh baby spinach works well to “lighten” this meal a bit.

I like this meal with a generous handful of unsalted Pumpkin Seeds thrown on top just before serving. The seeds add a nice crunch.

You could substitute canned tomatoes, but I happened to have five Romas in the refrigerator and so went with fresh ingredients.


4 Responses to “Jack Mackerel with Tomatoes and Olives”

  1. Tom,

    My family and I tried this recipe the other night and it was a big hit. My wife mentioned that it reminded her of a dish she ate as a kid in the Philippines, minus the olives and with baby bok choy added in. We also doubled the mackerel.

    I can’t wait to try more of your recipes. Thanks for making Whole30 eating easier.


  2. Hi Tom,
    Is the Jack Mackeral bony like canned salmon? I’ve been looking over your website as I am going to start whole 30 in the next week or so. Thank you so much for sharing such a wonderful resource and treasure trove of information!

    Thank you,

    • Tom Denham says:

      I have forgotten as I haven’t eaten any mackerel in a while. My guess is that any bones are smaller than the backbone you might see in salmon. I actually like bones in my canned fish, so I don’t really pay attention.

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