Whitefish with Olives, Celery, and More

Whitefish with Olives, Celery, and More (Serves 2)

Almost any variety of white-fleshed fish works in this recipe – catfish, tilapia, etc.

Ingredient list:

Two whitefish fillets
One can of green olives (look for olives packed in water and salt and nothing else)
2-3 ounces of Imagine Organic Low Sodium Free Range Chicken Flavored Broth
4-ounces of fresh, sliced mushrooms
One yellow bell pepper
15-20 grape tomatoes
6-8 stalks of celery
Crushed red pepper flakes
Red chili powder
Dried rosemary
Black pepper

In preparation:

Chop celery and bell pepper into bite-sized pieces


Set a sauté pan over medium high heat. Add green olives with all the water in the can. Add white fish fillets. Add salt, black pepper, and crushed red pepper flakes to taste. Add a pinch of red chili powder for additional heat. Add a heavy dusting of dried rosemary. Add celery, pepper pieces, and mushrooms. Add halved grape tomatoes. Add chicken broth. Cover the pan and let mixture cook over low heat for 20-30 minutes.


I liked this dish so much, I ate all of it. I had meant to eat half with a red papaya for my lunch, but served myself the second half and left the papaya for later.

I invented this recipe based upon what was in my refrigerator. Such happy coincidences are common in my cooking. I had baby carrots and yellow squash too, but thought they would not go so well with fish.

The Imagine brand of Chicken stock is one of the few with no added sugar, cane juice, or soy.


4 Responses to “Whitefish with Olives, Celery, and More”

  1. What kind/brand of green olives did you use? I made this last night with a friend and we liked it, but it seemed we had an excessive amount of olives and that the stew was pretty salty as a result.

    • Tom Denham says:

      I have been using Lindsay Naturals Green Ripe California Medium Pitted Olives that I found at my local Publix Supermarket. They were the only green olives packed with just water and salt that I found. I think I could eat these things straight out of the can, and I don’t think of myself as liking a lot of salt. Did you use a low sodium or a regular Chicken Broth?

      • It was definitely a lower sodium variety. My supermarket actually didn’t have ANY canned green olives so I went with a jar of sliced Manzanilla olives by default, I’m wondering if that was the issue.

        • Tom Denham says:

          I read that Manzanilla olives are brine-cured, but lots of varieties are probably brine-cured. If you use them again, you might want to pour out the water in the jar and rinse the olives in fresh water and see if that helps. You can always add salt later.

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