Ground Lamb with Pumpkin, Squash, and Mushrooms

Ground Lamb with Pumpkin, Squash, and Mushrooms (Serves 2-3)

I bought three cans of canned Organic Pumpkin before Thanksgiving with plans to perfect a Pumpkin Pie without using sugar, honey, or agave nectar. The first try was so bad I ate one piece and discarded the rest. The second try was better, but not good. Rather than waste the third can, I decided to try pumpkin as a vegetable and finally got something worth sharing. The only change from my Ground Lamb with Squash and Mushrooms recipe is the addition of pumpkin.

Prep Time: 5 minutes
Cook Time: 15-20 minutes


1 pound of ground lamb
1 15 ounce can organic pumpkin
1 large yellow squash
8 ounces of sliced mushrooms
1 medium sweet-yellow onion
Crushed red pepper flakes
Coconut oil
Garlic powder
Black pepper

In preparation:

Chop onion and squash into bite-sized pieces. Open can of pumpkin.


Melt 2 tablespoons of coconut oil over medium heat in a wok. Add onions and stir-fry until they begin to soften. Add squash and mushrooms. Add salt, black pepper, and garlic powder to taste. Don’t fear your spices. A good dusting of spice brings out great flavor. Stir mixture well, cover and let cook on low while you brown the meat. Add ground lamb to a large skillet over medium heat. Use a spatula to break the lamb into small chunks and stir frequently as it browns. Add salt, black pepper, garlic powder, and crushed red pepper flakes to taste and continue stirring until the meat is completely browned. Browned lamb produces a fair amount of grease. Pour off as much grease as you can and then stir the meat in with the vegetables in the wok. Stir in pumpkin. Add salt, black pepper, and garlic powder to taste. Let the mixture simmer covered for a few minutes and then serve.

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4 Responses to “Ground Lamb with Pumpkin, Squash, and Mushrooms”

  1. How do you think this would taste with ground turkey?

  2. Tom Denham says:

    Turkey is less oily than lamb, so I bet it would be good. The pumpkin supplies plenty of moisture, so you would not miss the extra from ground lamb.

  3. I thought you’d like to know that I made this for breakfast yesterday morning. I followed the recipe except that I didn’t have squash so I used carrot instead. My husband, who claims that he does NOT like pumpkin, asked to have the leftovers for lunch… it was THAT good! Thanks for the tasty recipe!

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