Coho Salmon with Broccoli and Sugar Snap Peas in Coconut Milk

Coho Salmon with Broccoli and Sugar Snap Peas in Coconut Milk (Serves 4)

My wife and I have houseguests a few times per year and I delight in cooking for them. My first meal is often some variation of fish in coconut milk. This time it was Coho Salmon with Broccoli and Sugar Snap Peas in Coconut Milk. The meal came together from what I had in the house – frozen fish from Trader Joe’s, broccoli florets harvested from stalks that I used in making soup, and sugar snap peas that our guest brought from her garden. I prefer the taste of fresh fish to frozen, but frozen fish works very well in spicy coconut milk, is cheaper than fresh fish, and is convenient.

Ingredient list:

1 pound of frozen Coho salmon
3 heads of broccoli
1 big handful of sugar snap peas
1 Vidalia onion
2 13.5 ounce cans of coconut milk
Extra virgin olive oil
Curry powder (that’s Hot Jamaican curry in the picture, but you can use almost any curry)
Crushed red pepper flakes
Fish sauce


Thaw fish in a bowl of water if you don’t shift it from the freezer to the refrigerator far enough in advance. Cut fish into bite-sized cubes. Cut bite-sized florets from broccoli and save the stalks for soup. Chop onion into bite-sized pieces. Heat 3-4 tablespoons of olive oil over medium heat in wok. Add 2 tablespoons of curry powder and stir-fry for one-minute. Add onion to hot oil and cook until soft. Add broccoli and stir-fry to coat all pieces with oil and curry. Add a dusting of salt. Add coconut milk. Add crushed red pepper flakes to taste. Splash fish sauce generously across the top. Stir well and bring mix to a boil. Add fish, reduce heat to a simmer, cover, and let cook 10 minutes. Check broccoli for tenderness and taste. Add spices as needed. Transfer to bowls and enjoy!

Notes: Fish sauce may stink when you add it, but don’t leave it out. The stink disappears within a few seconds and fish sauce adds a wonderful salty, nutty flavor. Hokan Fish Sauce (the brand I found in my grocery store’s Asian section) is made of only anchovies, water, and sea salt.

On the topic of sugar snap peas, let me quote my favorite food evangelists… “We’re fine with green beans, sugar snap peas and snow peas. While they’re technically a legume, they’re far more “pod” than “bean”, and we want you to eat your greens” (

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3 Responses to “Coho Salmon with Broccoli and Sugar Snap Peas in Coconut Milk”

  1. Christine says:

    Hi Tom!
    I love the recipes you have! Can this recipe use Snapper instead of Salmon? (that’s what I have in my freezer right now).

    Also, do you have any other recipes that use Snapper?


    • Tom Denham says:

      Thanks! I’ve prepared this basic dish with catfish, tilapia, chicken breasts, and chicken thighs and liked all of them. I’m sure it would be good with snapper. I haven’t cooked with snapper, so don’t have any recipes. I caught Red Snapper as a teenager living in Florida, but my mother did all the cooking back then.

  2. freeeating says:

    another good recipe, love this!

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