Pickled Beets, Eggs, and Onions

Pickled Beets, Eggs, and Onions (Serves 3-4)

Store-bought pickled beets are often full of sugar or, worse, high fructose corn syrup. When I decided to clean up my diet and quit eating anything with added sugar, I sadly gave up pickled beets… until it dawned on me that I could make my own! Soak ordinary canned beets in apple cider vinegar and they magically become pickled beets. And as long as you are pickling beets, you might as well pickle some boiled eggs and onions too. They look and taste great after a long soak in a beet juice and apple cider vinegar bath.

I like pickled beets, eggs, and onions for breakfast, and pickled beets and onions are a nice complement to other meals.

Ingredient list:

2 cans of sliced beets
6 boiled eggs
1 large sweet yellow onion
Apple cider vinegar
Apple cider

Directions: Add all the beets and liquid from one can of beets to an airtight plastic container. Drain the liquid from a second can and add just the beets. Slice an onion into whatever sized pieces you want to eat and add them to the container. Peel shells from six boiled eggs and add them to the container. Add apple cider vinegar to the container until all ingredients are submerged. Add about a cup of apple cider to the container to sweeten the mix. Let sit in refrigerator overnight before you start enjoying your pickled goodness.

Notes: You can pickle vegetables without adding apple cider as a sweetener, but the result is a little harsh and a glug or two of apple cider takes the edge off in a nice way. I tried adding golden raisins to the mix as a sweetener the first time I pickled beets, but raisins didn’t add enough sweetness to take the harsh edge off. I did like eating the pickled raisins (which swelled up to the size of grapes). I will experiment with pickling other fruits and vegetables over time and report any success stories.

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  1. i love pickled red beet eggs for breakfast and as a snack, but i
    hate that i can not find a brand with out high frutcose corn syrup, it tastes way too sweet. i ordered some from kettle kitchen in pa, good but expensive. i will try your receipe

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