Red Kale and Cranberries with Leftover Slow Cooker Shoulder Roast

Red Kale and Cranberries with Leftover Slow Cooker Shoulder Roast – (Serves 1-2)

Kale, chard, and collards are such healthy foods that I try to make something with them every week. Kale tastes wonderful if you treat it right. I was lucky enough to meet a chef at Whole Foods one day who shared with me her secret to treating kale and chard right – preparing it with a generous splash of vinegar. She recommended sherry vinegar, but I have settled into using apple cider vinegar when I am wilting kale. She also recommended topping wilted kale with chopped Granny Smith apple. The apple adds a nice touch, but I am often too lazy to chop any and make do instead with throwing a handful of dried cranberries on top after adding apple cider vinegar. Getting a good picture of wilted kale is difficult, but I assure you this stuff tastes great. I made it the featured vegetable with leftovers from Slow Cooker Shoulder Roast with Sweet Potatoes and Onions.

Prep and cook time: 15-20 minutes

Ingredient list:

1 sweet yellow onion
1 bunch of red kale
Dried cranberries
Apple cider vinegar
Coconut oil
Black pepper
Garlic powder


Chop onion into bite-sized pieces. Rinse kale well. Strip leaf from stems and discard stems. Add coconut oil to a wok over medium heat. Add a handful of onion to hot oil and let cook until soft, stirring occasionally. Add kale to hot oil and stir around with a spatula. Add salt, garlic powder, and black pepper to taste. Add a generous splash of apple-cider vinegar and a big handful of dried cranberries. Cover and let kale wilt down for about 10 minutes, stirring occasionally. Taste and add seasonings or vinegar as needed. Meanwhile, heat leftover shoulder roast in a microwave oven for 2 minutes. Add freshly cooked kale to a plate with the roast and enjoy!

Notes: I make just enough wilted kale for each meal, so cook just enough for me if I am eating alone. I make enough for two if my wife is eating with me. I don’t know how wilted kale does as leftovers because I have never had any make it that far.

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