Chopped Apples and Pumpkin Puree with Pulled Roast Beef

Chopped Apples and Pumpkin Puree with Pulled Roast Beef (Serves 3-4)

I don’t remember who told me about cooking pumpkin puree with chopped apple, but it is a great idea. In fact, this may be my best idea for a holiday side dish/dessert. I had pulled slow cooker roast beef with mine and loved the combination.

Prep and cook time: 20-30 minutes

Ingredient list:

4 apples (mine were Gala)
1 can of pumpkin puree (I suppose you could use fresh)
Ground cinnamon
Chinese five spice powder
Cayenne pepper
Roast beef (click here for a slow cooker recipe)

Directions: Chop apples into bite-size pieces. I left the peel on mine because they were organic. You might want to peel conventionally farmed apples that have been sprayed with pesticides. Add chopped apple to a sauce pan over medium heat. Open can of pumpkin puree and add to chopped apples. Add a dusting of salt, ground cinnamon, and Chinese five spice powder. Add a light dusting of cayenne pepper. Stir everything together, cover, and let cook over low heat about 20 minutes until the apples begin to soften . Stir occasionally to make sure nothing burns. When the apple-pumpkin mix is almost ready, pull required servings of roast beef into bite-size pieces and heat in microwave for about 1 minute. Transfer roast beef and apple-pumpkin puree to plates and enjoy!

Notes: Adding a green vegetable would make this a better meal. Maybe some roasted Brussels sprouts or wilted greens.

Adding a handful of dried cranberries to the apple-pumpkin mix would be interesting. That’s what I plan to do next time I make it.

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  1. michele b. says:

    Yum! This was a tasty meal that was a hit with the whole family. I did want to throw something green in there, so we added a simple green salad. Thanks!

  2. I’m just about to cook this delicious recipe up! I’ll be adding the cranberries (fresh) and a side of broccoli or brussel sprouts. Thanks for the idea! If it’s a hit with my family of 8 – I’ll be adding it to my meal plan that I blog (with a link to your recipe)!


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