Mahi Mahi in Coconut Milk with Broccoli and Red Bell Pepper

Mahi Mahi in Coconut Milk with Broccoli and Red Bell Pepper (Serves 2-3)

This simple dish came together by accident more than design because I just happened to have the ingredients on hand. However, this was so easy to make and so tasty that I would be happy to make it again regularly. The first time I made Mahi Mahi in Coconut Milk with Broccoli and Red Bell Pepper, I ate half of it for supper and warmed up the second half for breakfast the next morning. Mahi Mahi is a little expensive, but a filet or two comes home with me from Whole Foods every once in a while. And you could substitute catfish, tilapia, or another white fish with good results.

Prep and Cook Time: 15-20 minutes

Ingredient list:

3/4 pound of fresh Mahi Mahi
1 big head of broccoli
1 big red bell pepper
1 13.5 ounce cans of coconut milk
Curry powder (mine was hot yellow Jamaican, but you can use almost any curry)
Crushed red pepper flakes
Garlic powder
Fish sauce

Directions: Rinse fish and cut into bite-sized cubes. Cut bite-sized florets from broccoli and save the stalks for soup or a puree. Cut red bell pepper in half, discard white membranes and seeds. Rinse and then cut half of bell pepper into bite-size pieces and save the other half for another recipe. Add coconut milk to a wok or large saucepan. Add 1 or 2 tablespoons of curry powder and a dusting of salt and garlic powder. Add broccoli and red bell pepper pieces and dunk in coconut milk. Add fish. Add a generous splash of fish sauce. Add crushed red pepper flakes to taste. Stir well and bring mix to an active simmer. Reduce heat to a slow simmer, cover, and let cook 10 minutes. Check broccoli for tenderness and taste. Add spices as needed. Transfer to bowls and enjoy!

Notes: Depending upon how much fish, broccoli, and bell pepper you include, you might need a second can of coconut milk to make this recipe work. I always use whole cans of coconut milk, but 1/2 of a can might be just right. Using less coconut milk makes the dish more of a stew and more coconut milk makes it more of a soup. I like stews.

Fish sauce may stink when you add it, but don’t leave it out. The stink disappears within a few seconds and fish sauce adds a wonderful salty, nutty flavor. Hokan Fish Sauce (the brand in my grocery store’s Asian section) is made of only anchovies, water, and sea salt. I currently use Red Boat Fish Sauce from because I wanted to try something higher end. It stinks just the same and adds the same great flavor, but I feel more accomplished when I use it.

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Mahi Mahi in Coconut Milk with Broccoli and Red Bell Pepper


3 Responses to “Mahi Mahi in Coconut Milk with Broccoli and Red Bell Pepper”

  1. I made this tonight for dinner. It was quite good and will plan to do it again. I like how easy it was to throw everything in a pot on a busy weeknight. Thanks for the recipe.

  2. I’m relatively new to coconut milk so I’m not sure if this is crazy or not, but what do you think about a can of coconut milk and a can of chicken stock? Would that taste okay? (looking for something soupier but don’t want the second can of CC milk if I can avoid it!)

    • Tom Denham says:

      I’ve cooked lots of chicken in coconut milk, so I can tell you mixing chicken and coconut milk works. I am sure it would be a different experience than just coconut milk, but it might be really good. Let me know how it turns out.

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